A few 'Working with Recruiters' Tweets...

Here are some 'how to work with recruiters' tweets from today:

NEVER hang up on recruiters, a crazy one may try to take revenge; the others will probably never call you again, nor take your calls.

* Be straight with recruiters, don't waste their time; they don't want to waste yours either.

* You should want recruiters to call you; and to want to call you.

* Develop relationships with recruiters.

* Listen to what recruiters have, try to be helpful, help them remember you, positively.

* How do you get rid of a headhunter? Give him a couple names! LOL



MaureenSharib said...

Loved this.

He'll do anything? So not!

"Selling is just pressuring people into buying..." <---oh when will they learn?

Web Captain said...

Thanks for stopping by, the naive and often arrogant attitudes of many young job seekers is simply amazing.


Sam Smith said...

I have found Executive Recruitment Consultants very useful in the past.