NEVER Hang Up on Recruiters, they may have been referred by your Boss!

Here are some more 'how to work with recruiters' and job search tweets from this week:

* NEVER hang up on headhunters, they may have been referred by a helpful co-worker or client, or even by your boss.

* The only excuse for not showing up to an interview without calling is if something VERY bad happened. I can't hope you have a good excuse.

* Getting a job is a job, the harder you work at it, the luckier you WILL get!

Don't let recruiters forget about you, or lose track of you and your career development.

* On interviews, DO NOT complain about your current or former employers; even though you may very well be correct.

* In the interview process there is NO real 'rubber stamp'; it's never too late to blow it.

* Do NOT be late for interviews! But call if you ARE running late, or being made late due to transportation surprises.

Being in the 'Job Market' is actually being immersed into many 'markets', of different companies operating at various speeds. Adapt to all.

: )

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